6 Ways To Spring Clean Every Aspect Of Your Your Life

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Spring is usually thought of as a time for people to cleanse and refresh.

Upon hearing the words ‘spring cleaning’ you probably think of families having yard sales and cleaning out their homes. However, when it comes time for Spring, I’m inspired to do more than just clean up my space.

For me, Spring is a time of re-motivation, where I check in on my lifestyle and see which aspects might need to change. The Winter often makes me feel lazy and unmotivated, which is such a common thing for people living in colder climates. When Spring rolls around, I immediately have an easier time waking up in the morning, staying motivated to work out, and getting tasks done.

In order to really push out the old and welcome in the new, I perform a few different rituals within the span of a couple weeks. These tasks cover every aspect of my life- my mind, my body, and my space. Each of these areas are of equal importance and all are part of the cleansing process.



In order to get rid of any negative energy from the previous months, you have to get it all out in the open. Make a list of all the things you want to leave behind, then either keep it as a reminder, or tear it up & throw it out to symbolize letting go. Start fresh by writing down your goals for the next few months.

Detox your feed

Another way to easily minimize negative energy is by unfollowing people. Think about your social media pages- are there certain people or things that make you feel angry, negative, or insecure? Take a moment to scroll through your feed and unfollow anyone that might be a source of negativity.

Clearing out some of the bad allows space to add in some good, so feel free to follow any positive resources you can find.


DIY spa treatment

Take a day or even just a couple hours to really treat your body. The 3 most important things to revitalize are your hair, skin, and nails. You can do this by taking a detox bath, giving yourself a hair and face mask, cleaning up your nails and toes, and putting on lotion.

Try a new healthy recipe

Telling a person to clean up their entire diet or go on a detox is unrealistic. Instead, try practicing healthier habits by learning a new healthy recipe. By adding one healthier recipe to your diet, you are encouraging healthy eating without cutting out anything you love. Over time, continue to experiment with healthy recipes and ideas.


Minimize clutter

Take a couple days to go through your space and take out all of the things that don’t serve a purpose. This could include old clothing, accessories, or other junk that has been laying around. You can choose to sell it, donate it, or even keep it in storage if you are unsure. Either way, cleansing your space is the most essential spring cleaning technique.


Once you’re done tossing out the old stuff, take some time to sort out everything that’s staying. Investing in organizers for your makeup, jewelry, clothes, and shoes is so worth while, and it will save you time in the long run. Other places that are worth organizing are the food pantry, other closets around the house, kitchen cabinets, and home offices.

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