Getting Focused!

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CHS Birthday Bonus Pack

I use to be easily distracted. My mind use to be on everything except my priorities. My career was a wreck most importantly, my important, my home was a wreck. I had to get focused!IMG_0307

Over time, I begin to get organized. First, I organized my mind and prayer life by just reading a plan a day on the Bible App. Overtime, of course, prayer and studying God’s Word, has become my foundation.

I organized my finances by having a WRITTEN budget.

I organized my home with chore charts and designated family time.

I organized my love life by working with my husband to have date nights, electronics blackout times, causing us to become even MORE intimate.

I know you may think with your career or whatever else you have going on, you just don’t have the time! Wrong! You do! I have a career PLUS I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a wife, mother of three, I take my mother to the doctor monthly,  and I’m active in my church. Plus, I deal with everyday life too! It’s time to FOCUS on what’s important! Let me help you! Click the link to schedule a 20 Minute Q&A today!

-Coach V

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