Experts Says That These Signs Will Prove Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Unconditionally

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Young African American couple talking in the living room.

Partnerships may have love, but do they have unconditional love? Unconditional love lies outside the boundaries of rules, expectations and disappointments. In theory, it allows your partner to be all that they are, the good and the ugly, without judgement.

“Unconditional love promotes trust in a relationship,” relationship expert April Masini told Elite Daily. “When you have it, you feel that you can go the long run together, because it allows you to both be your unique selves without fear of rejection.”

While this may be a #relationshipgoal, it’s not present in every companionship. Elite Daily compiled a list of ways you can tell whether the love between you and your significant other is conditional or not.

They Try To Change You

“Someone that is trying to change aspects of you that you weren’t planning on changing is trying to model you into a different version of yourself,”  Clarissa Silva told ED.

You Constantly Sacrifice Your Needs For Theirs

While every relationship should have sacrifice, if the compromises aren’t mutual, resentment can brew.

“If you find yourself acquiescing to your partner’s needs most of the time or defining what you want based on someone else in order to please them, you may be replacing your life’s desires in the long run,” Silva says.

They Ghost When Sh*t Gets Real 

“When you really need them, they’re nowhere to be found,” relationship expert Susan Winter told Elite Daily. “Your partner’s skill set is only equipped for the things that are fun, easy and comfortable. Not sickness, a family crisis, or an emotionally turbulent time.”

They Are Needy

“Emotionally needy people need you to fill the gap of what they are lacking themselves,” Silva explained to ED. “They need you to be there to act as a lifeline to their emptiness.”

You Are Insecure

“In your heart of hearts, you know your partner isn’t 100% in love with you,” Winter told the site. “This is a ‘gut knowing.’”


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